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Realize fantastic profit of $6.50 to $7.60 per item on exceptional products that sell themselves to customers who come back year-after-year. This is the recipe for successful, profitable fundraising.

Average profit of
per item sold
We've helped raise over
$4 Million
for groups like yours
Recent Fundraisers
Youth Baseball Team
Church Youth Group
Middle School Band
Middle School PTO
Youth Soccer Club
Gymnastics Team
Student Council
National Honor Society
Dance Team
Civic Club
Youth Football Association
High School Choir
Private High School
Middle School
High School Band Booster Club
Elementary School
Bowling Club
Day Care
Junior College Science Club
High School Dance Team
High School Athletic Booster Club
High School Math Club



Step-by-step program

We provide guidance and materials to help you through each phase of the fundraising process. From communication templates to help inform and motivate your sellers to marketing information to promote your sale, we're with you the whole way.

Marketing assistance

We have designed social media templates to easily post sale information to your social media pages as well as posters and other signage to increase awareness. We can also help design incentive programs for sellers and work with you to utilize other tools to enhance your efforts.

Communication tools

We provide documents, customized for your sale, to use in communicating with your sellers and parents. These can be emailed at various stages of your sale to help sellers stay on task and focused on the goal, and to update the group on progress.

Easy online ordering

Your sale isn't a success unless the final stages are streamlined for accuracy and ease. Once your data is tabulated, you are provided an exclusive link to our simple online order portal to enter your information. You'll also be able to edit your entries until the time we're ready to delivery.

Hassle-free delivery

Our hope is that the delivery phase of your sale is very memorable, for the right reasons. We presort and package all orders by individual seller and lay them out in a grid system for an incredibly easy and efficient pickup system. It's quick, intuitive, and low stress as it should be.

Personal service

First Choice Fundraising is a small, local, family-owned business. We understand the challenges of running a fundraiser and managing all the dynamics. We also know the excitement that comes from being successful. We will help you achieve your goals and will make it as simple as possible.



One-and-only hand-braided Butter Braid pastries, and Wooden Spoon cookie dough are only available through First Choice Fundraising.

Butter Braid Pastries

Wooden Spoon Cookie Dough

Butter Braid Pastry Rolls

Specialty Coffee

Fundraising Made

With exceptional service and value

With integrity and great care, First Choice Fundraising has served more than a thousand fundraising groups throughout Central and Southeast Texas raise more than $4,000,000 over the past twenty years. Whatever the exciting trip, new uniforms, a special event...we partner with your group to help reach that objective. Your success becomes our success.


For thinking big

How much can your group raise? We can help you organize and motivate your sellers to reach that goal! Estimate your success...


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