First Choice Fundraising

Custom Online Fundraising Store

For every fundraiser, we provide an online store platform that is entirely customized specifically for your group. This is a great complement to in-person sales on paper forms. The store is easy to setup, very user friendly and simple to use, and is always open! Most important, using the online store has proven to substantially increase your profit! Here's how it works:

Enter your seller information

We offer three options to add your seller names and email addresses. Choose the one that is most convenient for you. Buyers will then be able to choose which of your sellers to support when they make their purchases.

Share the link to your online store

You will be provided a link to direct potential buyers to your store. You can easily choose multiple social media sharing options from within the setup, or copy the link and share in other platforms to spread the word.

It's open 24 hours for the duration of your fundraiser

Your store is open for business and never closes for the entirety of your event. Nothing replaces the one-on-one relationship of in-person selling, but the online store helps significantly increase the reach for your group.

All items sold will be delivered together

When your fundraiser concludes and your paper sales orders have been entered, we'll combine all totals and prepack all items together sorted for each seller. You can download a report for each seller listing all of their customers with delivery addresses.

Managing your online store

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