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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to several of our most common questions

Absolutely NONE. When you sign up we send you a Startup Packet which includes:

  • Full-color order forms
  • Posters for your facility
  • Other information to help make this a very successful fundraising event

Start your fundraiser and take orders for 2-3 weeks, tally your totals, then place your order. Delivery will be approximately 10-14 days later. So, typically, expect a total of 4 to 6 weeks from Start Date to Delivery. It’s simple, fast and fun!

Just go to our Sign Up page, complete the form, and submit it. If you need any assistance, please feel free to contact us.

Depending on your location and situation, we may be able to bring or mail samples for you to serve at your fundraiser kickoff. Please let us know if this is something you would like to discuss and we will work with you to determine the best strategy.

Our experience, which is shared throughout Butter Braid® distributor network, shows that more groups leads to greater product awareness and interest from customers and can increase sales for all groups.

We know that you have the best idea on what can work for your group of sellers. So, we will work with you to develop a plan to help increase your sales that is customized for your situation.

After we receive your final product order, we begin packing all your items by seller in presorted containers. When we arrive at your specified site, we will arrange the orders sequentially by seller number so they are easy to locate. This makes the pickup process much simpler, accurate, efficient, and quicker. All key to our goal of making a simple and profitable fundraising experience. Please find a more detailed description here.

We are happy to provide free delivery when your group meets the unit volume requirement for your area. Find out more information here.

Because of our costs involved to pack and deliver, the minimum order is 75 items. If your group is unable to sell that amount, you can buy additional products to make up the difference, or we may be able to deliver your order by working it into our other scheduled deliveries. Both options are subject to applicable delivery fees. You can also pick up your order at our warehouse.

Butter Braid® pastries, pastry rolls, and frozen cookie dough are not sold in any stores. They are exclusively available through fundraising events. This makes demand even greater when your group is out selling!

Butter Braid® products are delivered frozen to fundraising groups. They will stay frozen for approximately 1-2 hours after delivery depending on temperature and other circumstances. Once the product starts to get soft, it must be put back into a freezer. If the Butter Braid® product has started the rising process, (you will notice this if it starts to expand) it cannot be refrozen without affecting the performance of the product. There are no food safety issues if the product is re-frozen during the rising process; however, being a yeast-based product it will most likely not perform as expected when you go to prepare the pastry.

Butter Braid® product shelf life is 6 months from date of manufacture when kept at 0° F or below. Although we have had many consumers call and let us know how wonderfully their 1 or even 3 year old product performed, looked and tasted, we do not recommend this approach. We recommend that you use your Butter Braid® products within 6 weeks of receiving it for best product performance.

If the product is not used within the 6 month period, performance may decrease due to aging of yeast. At this time there are no food safety concerns, just product performance concerns.

Specific ingredients vary from product to product and flavor to flavor. Any major food allergens contained in Butter Braid® products can be found on the back of each package in the allergen notice under the ingredients list. Generally speaking, Butter Braid® products do contain Egg, Milk, Soy, and Wheat. Butter Braid® braided pastries do not contain and are not made with peanuts, tree nuts, or any other kind of nuts; however, we do manufacture a different line of products with nuts on the same manufacturing equipment.

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