First Choice Fundraising

Group Profit

Check the list below to determine the profit your group will receive from the sale of each type of item.

Item Type Retail Price Group Profit
Butter Braid Pastries and Rolls $17.00 $6.50
Butter Braid Pastries and Rolls (Premium) $18.00 $6.85
Wooden Spoon Cookie Dough $20.00 $7.60
Specialty Coffee $20.00 $7.00
Latitude 40 Granola Bites $12.00 $4.25
Donations   80% of amount

If your organization requires a specific profit percentage, please contact us and we can modify a program to fit your needs.

We heard you, and now offer customers the ability to donate to your group through your online store using credit/debit cards. If you prefer not to utilize this donation feature, please notify us before activating your online store and beginning your fundraiser by clicking the button below. We will disable that option in your store.