First Choice Fundraising

Delivery Process

We aim to make your delivery and pickup process quick, smooth, and painless for you and your sellers. Here is what to expect:


Grouped by seller

Orders are packaged by individual seller based on the number assigned when your group totals were submitted through the online form.



Individual orders will be made up of one or more containers that typically are boxes for 4 units more, and bags for 3 units or fewer. Orders of more than 7 units will be made up of multiple boxes.


Arrival and unloading

We will typically arrive a few minutes ahead of schedule to the delivery location. Packages are unloaded from the delivery vehicle and transported into the building. This phase of the delivery may be expedited by having additional helpers to assist.


Grid setup

Individual orders are then setup (preferably on tables) in a grid pattern (example below) to aid in locating during pickup.


Verifying orders

After all packages have been arranged, the First Choice Fundraising representative will walk through the grid with the group leader to verify that the correct number of containers are present for each individual order. The group leader and First Choice representative will then sign the invoice to confirm all containers are in place and ready for pickup.


Managing order pickup

It is extremely helpful to have a control point established where your sellers can initiate the order pickup process. There, the seller’s order number can be located and, using the grid system, their packages can be quickly found.


Seller verification

As each seller receives their packages, it is important for them to check the contents against their individual sales sheets to verify that they have the correct numbers for each flavor. This can help determine the source of later potential errors as sellers deliver units to each of their customers as sometimes flavors can be mixed up.